Carlene Elmore

Forthright and fiercely compassionate, Carlene is the first person you will speak with when you call New Objectives.  She has been the “mother hen” of the office for over 10 years and keeps Dr. Thetford and Ms. Rifkin organized and on schedule.

Naturally inclined to helping and guiding, Carlene will assist you in choosing the right therapist for your needs. Carlene is very easy to talk to, especially for first-time callers. She prides herself on helping people navigate through the steps of initiating therapy:  from answering questions about insurance to setting appointments, to providing assurance to people who are taking their first steps on the road to change.

“People often call crying, scared or anxious. Sometimes they have never sought out counseling before. I am so proud of them. They are so brave to have picked up the phone.”


Carlene feels most rewarded by her work when patients flash a wide smile and tell her, “I’ve graduated!  I only need to return if I need a tune-up!”

Outside of work, Carlene has enjoyed several teaching roles in church-based drama departments in the Orlando area.  She has taken on choreography, casting and directing, propelling many plays into standing-room-only productions. She has been a participant in the arts since her youth, including a group singing performance at Carnegie Hall. Carlene has two grown children and three grandchildren.